Machine Learning Day 2019


KnowDis Machine Learning Day

July 28, 2019


IIT Delhi, Lecture Hall Complex (LH114), 10 am to 5 pm


KnowDis organized its first edition of ,KnowDis Machine Learning Day at IIT Campus, Delhi on July 28, 2019. Machine Learning is the fundamental building block of the future. The event was held to celebrate the advances made in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and also to recognize and honour the leading researchers and teachers in this field. We are pleased to announce that this year’s KnowDis Machine Learning Medal was jointly awarded to Dr Manik Verma and Dr Mausam for their outstanding research in the field of Machine Learning. The KnowDis Award for Excellence was presented to Prof. PCP Bhatt for his lifelong contributions to Computer Science Research and Education.

List of Speakers

Dr. Mausam

CSE Department, IIT Delhi

‘Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present and Future’

Dr. Manik Verma

Microsoft Research India

‘Extreme of Machine Learning’

Dinesh Agarwal

CEO, IndiaMart

‘Entrepreneurial journey. An Idea to IPO’.

Saurabh Singal

CEO, KnowDis

‘Spirit of Data Science’.

Video Gallery

Arithmetic Meets Geometry

Does language impact thought?

ML Day 2019 Highlights