To be the company our customers want is to be, it takes an eclectic group of passionate operators. Get to know the people leading the way at KnowDis.

our team


  • Saurabh Singal

    Saurabh Singal

    Founder, KnowDis

    Saurabh holds a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Delhi and an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University. He worked in leading investment banks (Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse) and hedge funds (Harborview, Manchester Partners) in the global financial hubs (Tokyo, New York, London, and Singapore) as a derivatives trader. He went on to manage the India ANKAM Fund, a quant hedge fund in Singapore, which used highly sophisticated and intelligent algorithms for making trading decisions. After leaving the world of investment management, Saurabh founded Ankam, a Singapore-based Machine Learning company that provided its clients with algorithmic solutions in the domains of Pharma and Finance. Saurabh founded KnowDis in 2018.

  • Neeta Singal

    Neeta Singal

    Partner & Co-founder, KnowDis

    Neeta holds a B.Com. (Hons.) degree from Delhi University, Specialist Diplomas in Operational Risk Management & Market Risk Analytics from the National University of Singapore, and a Certificate in Advanced Financial Analysis, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York University, USA. Her key strength lies in interpreting complex data.


  • Dr. Keshav Kolluru

    Dr. Keshav Kolluru

    Research Scientist

    PhD CS&E, IIT Delhi
    IIT Bhubhaneshwar

  • Prafull Sharma

    Prafull Sharma

    Senior Data Scientist

    Masters (AI and Data Science)
    DSTI Paris

  • Subhalingam D

    Subhalingam D

    Data Scientist

    B.Tech (Mathematics & Computing)
    IIT Delhi

  • Vikram Kaviya

    Vikram Kaviya

    Senior Data Scientist

    B. Tech. (Mathematics and Computing)
    IIT Guwahati

  • Kunal Dhaiya

    Kunal Dhaiya

    Machine Learning Researcher

    PhD Scholar, IIT Delhi.

  • Vineeth Dorna

    Vineeth Dorna

    AI Researcher

    B.Tech (CS&E), IIT Bombay

  • Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar

    Data Scientist

    B.Tech (CS) IIIT Jabalpur

  • Krish Vijayan

    Krish Vijayan

    Data Scientist

    B.Tech (Engineering Physics)
    IIT Delhi

  • Sanchit Verma

    Sanchit Verma

    Data Scientist

    B.Tech (Biotechnology)
    IIT Roorkee

  • Bhuthesh R

    Bhuthesh R

    Senior Data Scientist

    Reva Institute of Technology, BE (CS&E), VTU University


  • Gaurav Goel

    Gaurav Goel

    Associate Prof, Chemical Engg, IIT Delhi

  • Sayan Ranu

    Sayan Ranu

    Associate Prof, School of AI,
    IIT Delhi

  • N M Anoop Krishnan

    N M Anoop Krishnan

    Associate Prof, School of AI,
    IIT Delhi

  • Mausam


    Head, School of AI
    IIT Delhi